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The benefits of sheet vinyl flooring

Sheet vinyl is affordable, durable, and, thanks to modern technology, stylish with a wide assortment of colors, designs, and patterns.

AL - GA Carpet has been serving Walker County for over 30 years.

Whether you are a homeowner, contractor, business, or church, you will be able to find the right flooring for you.

We believe that products should have the perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality, and it needs to be at the right price and installed correctly.

Our brick and mortar showroom is in Cordova, AL, but we can also bring samples to you and do some in-home measuring. All of this is free, so call one of our flooring professionals today!

We service Cordova’s surrounding areas, such as Jasper, Sumiton, Dora, Arley, and Cullman, AL.

Two types of sheet vinyl

Sometimes called “standard” or “resilient,” this is the original version. While it still has all of the performance and functionality characteristics for which it was so highly praised, today’s version also includes vibrant colors and exciting patterns.

It comes in either sheet or tile form. Many prefer tiles because they feel the seaming makes it more like ceramic tiles.
Others, however, prefer sheet since it’s easier to install with no worry about constantly lining up seams.

You can either choose a design by inlay, where the color goes all the way through, or the less expensive rotogravure. With that, the color sits on the top and is protected by a tough clear coating.

Affordable vinyl flooring in Jasper, AL from AL - GA Carpet

Is it only for the kitchen and bath?

No. Because of the durability and the high water-resistance factors, as well as the design, it is appropriate for any room that experiences heavy foot traffic or moisture challenges.

The affordability factor also makes it a terrific choice for commercial applications, businesses, churches, restaurants, etc.

It is also highly water-resistant; in fact, it is made mainly of plastic which is a waterproof material, so it is almost completely so. There is no damage when water sits on the surface of the vinyl product, and it can withstand dampness, such as that of concrete floors.

The sheet version differs from its newer, more advanced version, luxury vinyl in that the latter is thicker and completely impervious to water.

It is also easy to install, making for a quick process. With a few exceptions, it can be placed over existing subfloors and the method is glue-down or peel and stick.